The inclusion of CEO’s acute mental suffering is a public health matter. The Agence Régionale de Santé (Regional public health authority) of Poitou Charentes brings a key support to APESA device, notably through the promotion of mental health and prevention to suicide program in the North of Charente maritime, lead by Saintes, by the Passagers du Temps (Time Passengers) association.

The economic world spontaneously supported this initiative and grants have been granted by consular chambers and the Conseil Régional (Regional Council).

In fact, there is no reason for the litigant to bare the charges of the device.

Other organisms bring their support:

  • Ressources Mutuelle Assistance (RMA; more than 8 million subscribers) make freely available for APESA the platform to put through with psychologists;
  • Harmonie Mutuelle is associated to the project to help the national development of the program;
  • Le réseau régional d’experts-comptables FIMECO affiliated to the BAKER TILLY international network supports APESA to improve the customer relationship and deal with borderline cases.