Psychological Help for Entrepreneurs Suffering from Acute Psychological Difficulties

Agenda APESA

  • FRIDAY 29/03/2019
    • Présentation du dispositif Apesa à l’ENM dans le cadre d’une session de formation destinée au Parquet commercial

  • TUESDAY 09/04/2019
    • Participation d’Apesa France à la conférence “La souffrance des entrepreneurs: parlons-en! Des solutions existent.”, organisée à la CCI de Limoges le 9 avril 2019 de 18h à 20h, salle Vandermarq.

  • TUESDAY 28/05/2019
    • Présentation du dispositif Apesa au Rotary Club de Saintes

  • THURSDAY 06/06/2019
    • Présentation du dispositif Apesa dans le cadre du Comité aquitain d’histoire de la Sécurité sociale (CAHSS) sur la protection sociale des travailleurs indépendants



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The founders of APESA concept, Jean-Luc DOUILLARD, clinical psychologist and Marc BINNIÉ, associate clerk of the Commercial Court of Saintes (France), started from a simple observation: the poor financial health of a company often also affects psychological health of many entrepreneurs, being small or big, who are investing not only capital but their own life in their company.

The severe psychological distress that sometimes results from failures and expresses itself during hearings, in meetings with practitioners of insolvency or with advisors, was widely left until now untold.

However, know the law and apply it strictly does not impose to ignore the suffering.

Thanks to a proper training, it is possible without distorting its own function and without becoming at all oneself a psychologist, with the agreement of the concerned person, to become quite simply, first a sentry then a whistleblower to switch efficiency a relay to specialized psychologists who will take care of the “inaudible and unspeakable” suffering of some defeated entrepreneurs.

To this end, APESA associations, combining the sustainability of a national platform and the closeness of a local area network, support them so that the failure is only the first step of a personal or professional recovery.

Today, more than forty Commercial Courts have already expressed their intention to implement APESA services, while consular chambers, accountants and professional organizations are joining this movement.